Places to Visit in Guangdong Province

Guangdong Province, located on China’s southernmost coast, is one of China’s most populated provinces and home to many historical and cultural wonders.

Pearl River Delta: The Pearl River Delta is one of the most highly urbanized and densely populated regions in the world. Home to China’s largest ports, the delta is a point of economic growth for the country, playing host to a multitude of international investors and creating cultural diversity for the region.

Guangzhou: Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province, is home to many temples, memorials and museums commemorating the area’s rich history. Yuexiu Mountain and White Cloud Mountain are famous for scenic views and historical relics. Temples; such as the Guangxiao Temple, the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees and the Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family, offer glimpses into the past. Also, Guangzhou Ocean World and the Guangzhou zoo highlight the region’s fascinating wildlife.

Shenzhen: Shenzhen, although lacking the historical and scenic wonders of other cities, is one of China’s great financial and commercial centers. However, the city is home to many theme parks; Window of the World features over 130 world famous sites from around the globe, Splendid China introduces visitors to a cultural village of replicas portraying historical Chinese sites, and Xili Lake Resort offers a quiet respite away from the busy city– read article on adventure activities in china

Festivals: The province offers many fairs and festivals throughout the year, including; the Yangjiang Kite Festival, the Guangdong Carnival, the Guangzhou International Food Festival, the Pearl River Cruise, the Lantern Festival and the International Tourism Cultural Festival, among others.

Foshan: Foshan, one of the four great markets of China, is known for its metalwork and ceramics, an interesting point of focus being Nanfeng Kiln located in Ancient Nanfeng Kiln Cultural and Creative Zone. Foshan is also home to the Wong Fei-hung Memorial Hall, where visitors can see various literary and artistic pieces related to the life of Wong Fei-hung, a Chinese physician, folk hero and martial artist.

The Guangdong Province is a culturally and historically rich region along the southern coast of China. Home to various natural and man-made wonders, as well as a wealth of economic commodities, the Guangdong Province offers many a must-see for both locals and international visitors.